Off The Beaten Path - Wine Crawl

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Off The Beaten Path - Wine Crawl


Woodcutter's Blanket  |  Spain

Baked Café   |  South Africa

Miner's Daughter   |  Australia

Join us on September 30th and forget the impending Yukon winter! Two groups start at either Woodcutter’s Blanket or Baked Cafe and then move to the other before meeting at Miner’s Daughter to close out the night.

At each location, enjoy 3 reserve wines and 1 cocktail as well as a selection of hors d’oeuvres that showcase the region. Test your palate with a blind taste test for your chance to win a prize!

“If there is truth in wine, you just haven’t had enough of it.”


For more information please contact Woodcutter's or Baked

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