Brewing Philosophy


Instead of enduring a logorrhea exulting our amazingness, we feel its best to provide a simple list of things we don’t do and things we do. Let’s start with what we don’t do:

  1. We don’t have a marketing department. We use the best ingredients and let the beer speak for itself. You are welcome. Beer is a common drink for all legal-aged members of society regardless of race, sex, ethnicity or social status. We want you to find a beer that you enjoy as you relax among friends and neighbours.

  2. We don’t add any animal clarifiers such as isinglass (tropical fish swim bladders) or gelatin (cow or pig bones, ligaments and skin) so our beer is also good for your soul. It would be easier if we did, but that’s not what we’re about.

  3. We don’t filter our beer or use chemical clarifiers. The beer before you is honest and pure; the way it’s been crafted for hundreds of years.

Feel free to raise a glass to our forbears for discovering beer and surviving the temperance movement and prohibition!

What we do:

  1. We combine time-honoured brewing tradition with the finest ingredients (as local as possible), science and artistry.

  2. We are constantly innovating our beer selection to keep your taste buds entertained and our passion alive.

  3. We connect our house taps directly to on-site serving tanks for the freshest glass of beer possible. 

With each sip, you are tasting a world-class beer designed especially for the Colourful Five Percent and friends. 

Please enjoy responsibly and cheers!

Scott Shailer, Brewmaster